Cortland 4pk Flies, Caddis Dry Assortment 555503306

Cortland 4pk Flies, Caddis Dry Assortment 555503306

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Cortland has redesigned its entire assortment of packaged flies to hook you up with fish more often. They offer a balance between performance and value. The Cortland Caddis Dry imitates extremely common water insects. Cortland has been trusted since 1915 to provide quality products that produce outstanding fishing experiences.

  • 4 packaged dry flies
  • Usage: rivers/lakes
  • Hook size(s) #14
  • detailedDescription":"Caddis are a very common cool water insect that will often have huge hatches timed through out the year. The Cortland Dry Caddis are an extremely popular fly for trout, steelhead and salmon. Fished as a dry fly in the surface of the water. Use Cortland Dry Fly Spray to keep the fly floating high. Caddis hatches can often look like a small snow storm on the river. Fished under an indicator or as a dropper under a dry fly close to the bottom of the river. On lakes these are fished with a slow twitching motion to imitate a swimming insect



    Assembled Product Weight:0.014 lb

    Manufacturer Part Number:709294

    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):0.62 x 2.75 x 3.38 Inches

    Cortland 4pk Flies, Caddis Dry Assortment 555503306